The Bible: Training in Righteousness.


By Vanessa Laurey.

In a world where truth is being re-defined, the bible remains the anchor of the Christians life, by training us and keeping us on the path of life and righteousness.

On Sunday I taught from 2 Timothy 3 & 4, and I encourage you to look and re study those passages for yourself.

Here is a summary of the teaching:

  1. The Bible Teaches Us in Righteousness.

When we are born again as a new creation of God, we are literally infants in faith. We know nothing about this new world, this new place called God’s Kingdom! And so we need to be newly informed by Jesus, and His Word is how we are to primarily do that.

The Word is a teacher. And with the Holy Spirit we allow Jesus to teach us His thoughts about all of life. We allow scripture to teach us how God views and values all things. Whether it be marriage, raising kids, creation, the church, His plan with humanity, etc.

If we take time everyday in the Word, we will be renewing our minds to see and think as God does. (Romans 12:1-2)

2. The Bible Exhorts Us in Righteousness.

Exhortation is like encouragement, but much stronger. It has more the sense of urging us.

The bible for example, urges disciples to worship Jesus only! This is not a small encouragement, as if the Holy Spirit would say ‘think about doing this’, No! it is an urging and a compelling towards the heart of the believer to just do it! Stick with Jesus.

The bible also exhorts us over and over to flee from sin. Again, this is no light suggestion, as if you are to think for days over it. It is a bold, strong exhortation to get away as fast as you can from any and every sin! Period.

And all of these exhortations are for our good. The exhortations of the bible lead us to righteousness, and to blessing and the promise of abundant life.

3. The Bible Rebukes & Corrects Us towards Righteousness.

As children of God, we are being raised up. We are actually being fathered by God.

And He uses His word to train us, and to at times rebuke and correct us. The bible teaches us to love this. To not be afraid of God’s rebuke in our lives, but to understand that being corrected means we are looked after and loved!

It is actually a blessing to live under the correction and disciple of our heavenly Father, and we are to train our hearts to see it that way.

Hebrews 12:11 says that, discipline is painful at the time, but is producing in us a harvest of righteousness and peace.

Wow, what an incredible promise! If you are in a season, where you feel the Holy Spirit correcting you in your ways, renenwing and challenging your mind - then you need to thank Him!

Because He is fathering you, and setting you up to have righteousness and peace as your next harvest. Praise God!

Let me Encourage You:

Keep reading and studying the truth of Gods Word! It will not let you down, it will be training you up as a son or daughter of God, to live in the blessing of righteousness.

And as you continue being discipled by God, include others in that journey.

Who in your life can you regularly encourage in the things of God?

Discipleship is simple and powerful. Share the word together, pray together, encourage and help one another to stay the course with Jesus!

Be Blessed!

Tim Laurey